Meet the Workshop Facilitators

Kara is an ESOL teacher at TAFE's Randwick Campus. She has used collaborative technologies extensively in her teaching and conducted workshops for teachers on the use of these technologies in teaching and learning.
Tony is a part time teacher at TAFE's Randwick Campus. Prior to 'retirement' he was the Director for TAFE New South Wales Information Technology, Arts and Media Educational Services Division. He is an educational technology consultant with Saikore.com .Click the player to hear Tony's welcome.

disstab.gif1. Click the Discussion tab at the top of this page and participate in discussions on:
i) Why do you think the ability to collaborate effectively has become recognised (Tough Choices Or Tough Times, Workforce Skills Report 2006) as an essential skill for success in the 21st Century?,
ii) What are the barriers to implementing collaborative technologies in teaching and learning?

2. Read the collaboration article (centre screen). Note you can enlarge the article by clicking the arrow in the top-right corner and selecting Zoom In or download the article.

3. Collaborate in the poll on the right.

4. Have some fun by experimenting with the three collaborative technology activities below. These and other collaborative technologies will be demonstrated and discussed in the workshop.


The scenario for the following activites is that we are collaborating to help a colleague develop exercises for students that utilise collaborative technologies.

Collaborative Mind Map Technology:

The teacher has initiated the collaboration exercise by starting a mind map at the Bubbl.us web service.

1. Go to the www.bubbl.us mind mapping web service.
2. Sign in using our collaborators' Username: collab222 and Password: 222collab
3. Select the COLLABORATIONS mind map
4. Either a) add a box to the mind map for a topic for which you want help developing a collaborative exercise, OR
b) add 'ideas' boxes to a topic box in the mind map in which a colleague has requested help.
5. Save your changes. The mind map above will automatically update after this page is refreshed following saving changes.
NOTE: The embedded mind map above can be reduced and enlarged (zoomed) and dragged/moved (panned).

Collaborative Google Docs Technology:

The teacher has initiated the collaboration exercise by starting a document at the Google Docs web service. The document’s URL is http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dgnjfht7_2hjh49k Here is an image of the collaborative document.

1. Go to the Google Docs service at www.docs.google.com and login in using our group’s account details viz. email: collab222@gmail.com password: 222collab
2. Select the document ‘Collaboration Activity 2’ and edit the document to either request assistance for a proposed exercise OR provide assistance to an existing exercise proposal.
3. Select PUBLISH and then RE PUBLISH note that the document’s URL remains unchanged.
4. Select SAVE AND CLOSE (top right corner of screen) and then SIGN OUT

Collaborative Comic Technology

This activity has been started by creating a 'Collaboration' comic at the ToonDoo comic web service. Students access the comic via a collaboration account and add other characters and balloons. Toondoo enables multiple comic strips to be compiled as a collaborative book.
Click here for an article on the pedagogical reasons for using comics and 13+ uses of comics in the classroom.

1. Go to www.toondoo.com and login using the collaboration account viz Username: collab222 Password:222collab
2. Select TOONDOOS and then MY TOONDOOS place the 'mouse' over the comic and select EDIT and then select RE-OPEN IN THE CREATOR
3. Add changes to the cartoon and SAVE