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What are the strengths and weaknesses for educational institutions from using open source and hosted collaborative technologies?

Collaborative use of the tools in these exercises can be achieved using the following steps:
1) Create group email account. Access to the tools usually requires an email account for confirmation of use. Recommended email service: Gmail
ii) Create a group Username/Login name with the tool's provider. Recommendation: ‘groupXXX’ where XXX enables the group to be uniquely identified.
iii) Create a group Password with the tool's provider. Recommendation: ‘XXXgroup’ reversing the group’s username as a password assists the group to remember their username and password.

> Embedding Documents in a Wiki

You can upload documents (.doc, .pdf, xls, etc.) to Scribd.com and then obtain code to embed the document in a wiki, blog or web site. In this exercise an embedded teaching resource is on the left and the procedure for embedding the resource is on the right.
You can zoom and pan the Scribd document, download a copy of the original file or listen to an audio translation of the file.
Create a project wiki space in which students can embed collaboratively developed documents or embed documents and images for a collaborative project.

> Embedding PowerPoint Presentations in a Wiki

PowerPoint presentations can be embedded in a wiki using the Slideshare.com service. Here is the procedure (on the right) for creating the embedded presentation on the left of the screen.
Refer to the wiki books in the Examples section of this wiki for examples of the collaborative application of this tool.

> Including a Voice Narration in a Presentation

BubbleShare is a service that enables embedded slide shows to be created with the addition of a voice narration.
This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog